The best colours for your business custom clothing

When choosing colours for custom clothing involving your business in Melbourne, make sure to choose ones that speak best for your business. There are many colours to choose from, so sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, but something to remember when choosing a colour, is that make sure it feels right to you. You have to make sure that the colours you get for you get custom business shirts represent your business and ensure that you are able to reflect it in a positive manner. This is important to your customer base and to your audience. Many people think about colours that reflect the colours of your logo, but you are not limited to those colours.

To help you, here are a few colours that can be chosen:

  • White is a very basic colour but goes with any other colour. In case you have a logo or a design that you think might crash with the overall colour of the clothing item, white will never give that problem. In saying that, white is very bland, it is simple.
  • Much like white, black is a basic colour that goes with every other colour. Another added bonus, black looks good on everyone! But black has been done a million times over. It is simple, again much like white, but if you have a bright logo or design you want to add with your custom clothing, black might be the right choice.
  • If you have a business that has anything to do with the outdoors, green is a great colour. It makes you think of nature, it gives you an almost calm feeling, because everything is new, everything is prosperous. Green can give the feeling of revival, much like nature.
  • Red symbolises strength. The colour red can show everyone how powerful your business is and how far you are willing to go. It can make people feel like they need to take action.
  • Since there are many ranges of the colour blue is can mean several different things, darker blue is more “grown-up” whereas a light blue can be more playful and fun.

There are much more colours to choose from when deciding best for your business, so do not get too stressed over it and just pick one that matches the style of your company and do not be afraid to ask the opinions of others that you work with! Take your time and think of the best colours that can represent and reflect your business. It will help you in the long run and help maintain a high quality of your business’ representation.

This piece of information is provided by Flying Solo Gear Company. Designers and manufacturers of customised t-shirts, Caps and bum bags Australia for motorcycle riders and outdoor activity use.